Elvis’s Twin Sister

Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight? external image 1950's%20Blue%20suede%20shoes.jpg

Elvis is alive and she’s female: Madonna

In the convent, y’all
I tend the gardens,
watch things grow,
pray for the immortal soul
Of rock ‘n’ roll.

They call me
Sister Presley here.
The reverend Mother
digs the way I move my hips
just like my brother.

Gregorian chant
drifts out across the herbs
Pascha nostrum immolatus est…
I wear a simple habit,
darkish hues,

a wimple with a novice-sewn
lace band, a rosary,
a chain of keys,
a pair of good and sturdy
blue suede shoes.

I think of it
as Graceland here,
a land of grace.
It puts my trademark slow lopsided smile
back on my face.

I’m alive and well.
Long time since I walked
down Lonely Street
towards Heartbreak Hotel.